Code Louisville has $200,000 on-the-job training dollars to disperse to employers who hire program graduates

An influx of on-the-job training (OJT) funds has made it a better time than ever to hire a Code Louisville graduate. The program currently has over $200,000 worth of OJT dollars available for employers. These funds are designed to supplement the short-term training expense of on-boarding a full-time junior developer.

Code Louisville offers multiple 12-week tracks, including front-end web development as well as full-stack JavaScript and .NET development, to adults who want to pursue a career in the software development industry. Graduates have completed at least one of these 12-week tracks, which each involve online learning through Treehouse, in-person learning with industry mentors, and building a portfolio of projects.


“Since many of our students are relatively new to the industry and don’t have a traditional credential like a Computer Science degree, employers often want some extra assurance that their investment in a Code Louisville graduate will be a good one,” says Brian Luerman, who manages Code Louisville. “That’s why the OJT funds make a big difference. They give the employer more time and resources to get a new hire up to speed.”

A number of companies, including El Toro, SkuVault, SuperFanU, and others, have taken advantage of Code Louisville’s OJT program. El Toro, one of the fastest growing tech companies in the country, has hired 12 Code Louisville graduates since 2015, most of whom were subsidized with OJT funds.

OJT funds are dispersed on a first come, first served basis. OJT-eligible employees must be true beginners in tech who are hired for a full-time, permanent role (rather than a contract position or internship). A maximum of $8,000 can be applied to a single individual.

For additional details on OJT and hiring through Code Louisville, visit their employer webpage or call (502) 569-0392.