Our Labor Market Intelligence department uses economic data to help inform decisions and strategy around workforce development. In addition to producing regular reports for local policy-makers and business leaders, the LMI team also takes on special projects like developing the award-winning Career Calculator.

Stay up to date with the latest LMI initiatives and data below.

Career Calculator

The Career Calculator is a free, online tool that provides the latest job and education data for the Louisville Region.

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Labor Market Update

THis monthly email update uses key indicators like the unemployment rate to offer a quick, easy-to-digest snapshot of the local economy.

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Career Pathways

Our Career Pathways charts provide a visual guide to the top professions and credentials in 7 growing local industries. Click below to view them.

Advanced Manufacturing

Consumer & Business Services

Food & Beverage

Health Enterprises & Lifelong Wellness & Aging

Information Technology

Logistics & Supply Chain Management




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