Our Labor Market Intelligence department uses economic data to help inform decisions and strategy around workforce development.

In addition to producing regular reports for local policy-makers and business leaders, the LMI team also takes on special projects like developing the award-winning Career Calculator.


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Latest Research and Articles

Will Your Job Be Automated?
by kathleen bolter

Automation, the replacement of human labor with technology, is widely seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the labor market today. To find out if your job is likely to be automated, we’ve put together a helpful flowchart. Continue >>>

KentuckianaWorks Explains: Labor Force Participation Rate
by Sarah Ehresman

In this video, we explain what the labor force participation rate is, how Kentucky stacks up, and consider important factors influencing why Kentucky’s rate is lower than the nation’s. Watch here >>>


Key LMI Resources

Career Calculator

This free online tool provides the latest jobs & education data for the region.

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Top Local Careers

These charts show info. about growing, local jobs across five key sectors.

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Career Pathways

Get visual guides to the top professions and credentials in 7 growing local industries.

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