KentuckianaWorks helps build the region's workforce by assisting employers with their human resource needs. To do this, we partner with employers to develop sector-specific resources such as the Kentucky Health Career Center and Kentucky Manufacturing Career Center. We run programs, like Code Louisville and Kentuckiana Builds, that address talent needs and labor shortages in the technology and building trades industries. And we also provide win-win opportunities, like Degrees Work, which can strengthen your business by helping your employees start or return to college. 

Our employer services include:

  • Matching employer needs with worker skills

  • Specialized training for new and/or current employees

  • Providing current labor market research

  • Facilitating custom Hiring Events

  • Helping with employee recruitment and retention

  • Rapid Response services

  • Employer needs assessments 

...and much more!

We can even help employers navigate the process for layoffs so their employees can transition into other jobs, training programs or educational opportunities.

For more information on how we can help you accomplish your goals as an employer, please complete the form below. For a full list of services provided by the statewide Kentucky Career Center network, click here.

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Some companies and organizations are required by the federal government to file a WARN (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act) notice for certain employee layoffs. For more information about WARN notice requirements, click on the link below.

Employer's Guide to Advance Closings and Layoffs (PDF)

To speak to someone in person about WARN notices in the KentuckianaWorks region, contact:

Casey Ross
Kentucky Career Center
Office Phone: (502) 574-4528
Office Fax: (502) 595-4623

The statewide WARN contact is:

Michelle DeJohn
Kentucky Office of Employment & Training
Office: (502) 564-7456
Direct Line: (502) 782-3252