New study confirms value of SummerWorks

SummerWorks is a summer youth employment program designed to provide job skills and experience for Louisville’s young people. Summer youth employment programs provide many advantages for young people. In the short-run, this includes helping participants develop positive relationships with adults and peers, improving both soft and specific skills, gaining knowledge of career opportunities, and boosting income. In the long-run, this includes improved academic achievement and employment opportunities.

KentuckianaWorks partnered with the Kentucky Center for Statistics (KYSTATS) to examine the long-term impacts of participating in SummerWorks. The evaluation shows that participation in SummerWorks is associated with improved outcomes in high school graduation, post-secondary enrollment, and employment. The primary research objectives and results of this study are as follows.


The SummerWorks program has been shown to be a valuable addition to youth employment services in the city. It is associated with long-term increases in educational attainment and employment for its participants. Overall, the program serves as a beneficial tool for helping young people in Louisville learn the skills needed to thrive in today’s workplace. Click below to read the full report.