Five fast growing healthcare jobs in Louisville that aren't nursing

There are many types of good-paying healthcare jobs needed in the region. While nursing is a well-known healthcare position, flip through the slideshow below to see other fast growing healthcare jobs.

The free resources available at the Kentucky Health Career Center (KHCC) help job seekers and those looking to advance their careers in healthcare. The KHCC is now housed within the Kentucky Career Center at 600 West Cedar Street in downtown Louisville.

The staff at Kentucky Health Career Center provide services including:

  • Career assessments

  • Support for training for in-demand occupations

  • Job leads and referrals

  • Career advice for entering the healthcare field

  • Direct connections to the region’s healthcare employers

The number of healthcare jobs in the Louisville area is expected to continue to grow, making it a great sector to pursue a career in. Connect with the KHCC to chart your pathway to a new job or stronger career in healthcare.