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State of the Louisville Regional Labor Market First Quarter 2017

Communities throughout the Greater Louisville Region along both sides of the Ohio River are focused on improving the quality of life and business climate for their residents. There are many programs and projects underway to increase education levels, provide skills training and strengthen the talents of the region’s workforce to attract higher-skilled, higher-paying jobs. Read full report here >>>

But how do students and job seekers know what type of training or education to pursue to qualify for higher-skilled, higher-paying jobs?

KentuckianaWorks, Greater Louisville’s Workforce Development Board, has been studying that problem and has developed a series of six Career Pathways charts to help people of all ages chart their paths for careers that will grow their paychecks and grow economic futures for their communities.

The Career Pathways charts are part of a larger project, The State of the Louisville Regional Labor Market, aimed at making useful education, job and career information available to people throughout the region. The full report is updated twice yearly with shorter quarterly updates in between.

Click here to read the complete State of the Louisville Regional Labor Market First Quarter 2017.

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to read the archived copies of the previous State of the Louisville Regional Labor Market reports.

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