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KentuckianaWorks: SummerWorks2011

At a time when no federal or state funds were available to fund summer jobs for young adults, Mayor Greg Fischer challenged business and community leaders to hire young people or contribute to a fund that would put young people to work in local nonprofit organizations and Metro Government this summer. The Mayor committed $100,000 in the Louisville Metro budget to hire 16-21 year olds for the summer. Contributions from individuals and businesses provided an additional $400,000, and 11 Metro Council members used $16,500 from their Neighborhood Development Funds.

The more than $500,000 created and funded KentuckianaWorks: SummerWorks2011. A total of 221 youth worked in positions with local nonprofit orgainzations and Metro Government for seven weeks this summer. Another 20 youth were hired by private businesses as part of the SummerWorks2011 program.

Young people worked throughout the community at a variety of jobs -- landscaping and maintenance, child care, computer technology, clerical and administrative, and customer service. 

The SummerWorks2011 program was led by KentuckianaWorks, Greater Louisville's Workforce Investment Board, in partnership with Jefferson County Public Schools Adult and Continuing Education through the KentuckianaWorks Youth Career Center.

Click here to see photos of other young people who were part of SummerWorks2011 and worked for other nonprofits and government agencies or who were employed by private companies.

Department of Public Works

These photos were taken during Mayor Greg Fischer's press conference in July at a abandoned lot being cleaned up by the Public Works team of SummerWorks2011 employees. (To download a high-resolution photo from this gallery, first left click on the desired photo to open the larger high-resultion version of the photo. Then right click the photo and select the "Save Picture As" command.)



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